(last amended, August 8, 2014)


The name of this organization shall be: THE TRAIL CREW 4X4 CLUB


The organization shall be non-profit in character, bringing together and promoting the interests of group and family four-wheeling, protecting as well as enjoying our country’s natural resources. The Trail Crew 4X4 Club is an active member of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA) and California Association of 4WD Clubs Inc. (CA4WDC, Cal 4-Wheel).


1. Membership is open to owners of any 4WD vehicle. At least 70% of the membership shall be members of the TLCA.

2. Dues for the Club shall be Twenty Dollars ($20.00) annually, and are payable in January of each year. Trail Crew dues are not prorated. TLCA membership is required of the Toyota owners and recommended for the remaining members. It is the responsibility of each member to provide current TLCA membership status to the Trail Crew each year with the submission of the Club’s annual dues. Dues for members will be payable in full at the first Club meeting of the year in January. If not paid at that time, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed. If the dues are not paid by the end of the March meeting, the member will be deemed inactive and dropped from the roster. To be reinstated, he/she must fulfill the new member requirements as outlined in Article III Paragraphs 4-9. A new member’s dues are payable when they are accepted into the Club. Membership will not take effect until dues are paid in full. The allocation of club funds shall be pursuant to the discretion of a ¾ majority vote by the board, and said funds shall only be utilized towards events, causes, organizations and/or the purchase of equipment/gear that either directly or indirectly benefit the club and/or the 4 wheel drive community in general.

3. Each member must hold a valid California driver’s license and show proof of PL (Personal Liability) and PD (Property Damage) insurance yearly or upon request by the Board

4. All members must attend at least three (3) club meetings and one (1) club run per year to maintain their membership. Special cases may be given waivers after approval by the Board of Directors.

5. All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion at Club or associated club activities.

6. There will be NO discharging of FIREARMS on a club run unless there have been exceptions specifically identified prior to the run. The trail leader must be aware of these exceptions prior to leaving on the run.

7. No member shall operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance while participating on a Club function.   Violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the club and loss of reinstatement privileges.

8. Prospective members must attend a combination of four (4) club functions within a twelve (12) month period. One of these functions must a club monthly meeting and one must be a club run. The Board of Directors may consider membership as early as three (3) months after a prospective member begins activities if all of the stated requirements are met.

9. Reinstatement of previous a membership will be considered on an individual basis by the Board of Directors.


It is mandatory that the following be installed in rigs before going on a club run: Roll bar or hard top, seat belts for all passengers, fire extinguisher, CB radio, mechanical parking brake or line lock, attachment points for towing front and rear, battery hold downs (no bungee cords or other means that may be deemed unsafe, jack and lug wrench, chain or tow strap, spare tire and/or tire repair kit, and a first aid kit.

It is also recommended that each vehicle have the following: a shovel, flares, spare gas and oil, basic tools, and spare parts.

A prospective member must have his/her vehicle inspected and safety approved by the club representative before their application for membership can be considered.


It is recommended that all members display The Trail Crew 4X4 Club decals. They shall be placed; one on each side of the vehicle, on the panel immediately in front of the door. A one-time fee may be charged with the issue of the decals, however ownership of the decals remains with the Club. If membership is terminated either by the Club or the vehicle owner, the Club decals must be returned to the Club.

The club may opt to make available articles of apparel from time to time. Each article will display the club logo along with any other appropriate symbol approved by the BOD. The members may place other symbols and patches on the apparel, as long as they are in good taste and meet minimum club approval. Any patch, which by nature is deemed derogatory to the public image of the Club, must to be removed upon notification to the member by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have jurisdiction in this matter should a dispute arise.


1. Any member violating Club By-Laws or otherwise showing disregard for law and order and/or causing a discredit to The Trail Crew 4X4 Club shall be subject to removal from the Club after two (2) warnings (warnings shall be within a one (1) year period). All warnings shall be in the form of a letter and will be issued by the Board of Directors. Approval from the general membership will not be necessary.

2. In specific cases when a member has violated the above, (6.1) in an unusual and cruel manner so as to harm a fellow member or person around him/her, all warnings shall be foregone and his/her membership terminated, upon approval of the Board of Directors. This will be done in a letter form, or in specific cases, orally be a member of the Board of Directors, followed by a letter to that effect.


The Board of Directors will consist of the four (4) officers listed in Article VIII plus the Past President. The Board of Directors (BOD), also know as the Executive Board, or plainly “the Board”, will vote on most decisions of the club, including membership and rule changes. The Past President will be in an advisory position without a vote. In those instances where the Board may be deadlocked in a voting procedure, the Past President will then be called upon to vote as a tiebreaker. A minimum of three Board members must be present at a Board meeting to constitute a “quorum”. A quorum must exist to pass any action item.


Positions can only be held by members in good standing according to rules set forth in Article III. A board member must be a current member of Cal 4-Wheel. Club officers and Board of Director positions are as follows: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The descriptions and duties are as follows:

PRESIDENT – Shall preside at all meetings. Shall have the duty of carrying out the policies and decisions of the members. Shall appoint committee chairmen as necessary. Shall co-sign checks with the Treasurer or Vice-President.

VICE-PRESIDENT – Shall assist the President and act in his/her absence. Shall act as Trail Boss, or appoint Trail Boss positions, such as Run Leader, for individual runs, and shall oversee and coordinate all Club runs. Shall be responsible for scheduling and maintaining trip records. Shall serve as Membership and Safety Chairman. Shall co-sign checks with President as needed.

SECRETARY – Shall keep the club records, take minutes of all meetings, and write necessary correspondence. Assist Vice-President in keeping accurate records of run scheduling. Assists in membership and in keeping accurate attendance records.

TREASURER – Shall receive membership dues and all other club monetary receipts. Shall make bank deposits, disburse authorized funds, co-sign checks with the President. Shall have the books open for inspection by authorized auditors, club officers and members.

PAST PRESIDENT – President from previous year shall aid President in all facets of Club business when asked. Only has a voting power in the event of a tie-breaking vote being needed on Board of Director issues.


Positions shall be responsible for those duties not specifically carried out by the officers; however, an officer may hold such a position. Positions may be voted on by the Club membership, or be appointed by the Board of Directors. Positions can be held only by members in good standing according to rules set fourth in Article III.

SAFETY CHAIRMAN – Duties will be to inspect the vehicles annually and with new member applications. Inspections will adhere to rules and regulations herein. Will have authority to deny any member or prospective member the invitation to attend a Club run if he deems the member or non-member vehicle to be unsafe.

DELEGATE – Shall attend scheduled TLCA meetings and make a full report to the Club after each meeting. Shall have authority to make decisions for the Club if not previously instructed.

OTHER – Other positions may be created and filled as deemed necessary for the operation of the club on a continuing basis or as a specific requirement for a single event. These positions will be appointed by the President and will remain in effect as long as the function is necessary.


Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at VINCENZO’S PIZZA located at 24504 1/2 Lyons Ave, Newhall, CA 91321 or other location as determined by the Board of Directors. Special meetings may be called 1/2 hour prior to the regular meetings for the purpose of voting in new members, or other business. Special meetings may also be held at other times convenient to all members. Generally, the President will call all Board meetings, however, any Board member has the authority to call one.


Election of officers and Board members will be held at the regular monthly meeting each year in December. Nominations shall be held in November. Nominations shall be made by the general membership. Nominations will be accepted from the floor. A majority vote of 3/4 of membership in attendance will be the rule for all elections.


These By-Laws may be amended by a 3/4 majority vote by the Board of Directors.Copies of these By-Laws shall be made available to any member upon request.