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The Trail Crew is a volunteer 4 wheel drive club based in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. We are a member of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association.

The Trail Crew is a strong advocate for, and financially supports various causes  to keep public lands open for public use and recreation.

The Trail Crew is the current caretaker of the USFS Lookout Loop, Staging Area 1, 2 and 3 located at Rowher Flats OHV park in Santa Clarita, California. In 2016 we officially added the Sawmill Trail and Sawmill Camp Ground in Lake Hughes, California in an effort to strengthen our partnership with our local USFS office

Membership is open to anybody with a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a desire to use it how it was intended, in the dirt!

We currently have over 30 members and encourage anybody to come join one of our meetings or trail runs.

We usually have several runs planned each month.  They range in difficulty from easy for stock 4 wheel drives to extreme for highly modified rock-crawlers.

If you’re a FaceBook member, we highly encourage you to visit our FaceBook page, where the majority of our online discussions occur. We look forward to chatting with you! That page can be located here:

The L.A. County Trail Crew 4X4 Club has been a long time supporter of ih8mud. Visit our forum by clicking on the link below:

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